Today is the day.

08 Sep 2016 - entro

It’s finally here: the day that we leave. It’s been a crazy year, with a lovely-yet-sporadically-hectic past few months. Endless thanks to my mom and stepdad for their love and support and for making this madness possible.

For the uninitiated: my partner and I are getting away for a while. Hopefully, a long while. We’re both sick of the doldrums of stationary life, and are going vagabond. We’ve converted my car into a small bedroom:

With the necessary "Western Mass hippie starter kit" bumper stickers

There’s space underneath for storage:

Adjustable legs to Animorph into a futon

I was fortunate enough to have an old bedframe to cut down to size, and my stepbrother had some extra threaded rod to make the legs. The things fit perfectly into the existing leg slots! Again thanks to my stepdad for providing the tools, and helping us find a cheap rooftop carrier for storage. Now our lives are stored away for months or in the car… pretty wild.

Today, it’s time to hit the road.

Our first destination is Mt. Equinox, Vermont:

Apparently Vermont's "Toughest, hardest, most difficult bike climb"

In other news, I released an EP earlier this month. It’s my first collective piece of finished music, and I’m very pleased with it. You can check it out here or on Bandcamp.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!

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