Things to Come, CA

13 Mar 2017 - entro

Hey. So, as you’ve likely noticed, I haven’t blogged in an actual eternity. I’m here to amend that. If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to lately, you can check out a brief version here. And, more recently, please check out my new album!

We’ve spent a very relaxing few weeks at my father’s in La Quinta, CA. It’s warm and clear in the desert, and we’ve been taking advantage of the surplus sunshine. We’ve had a pretty lazy few weeks (I finished off my album at least!), but we’ve also done some traveling in the area.

First we explored the local area, driving near to Mt San Jacinto, a nearby gigantic wind farm, and walked through the Coachella Valley Reserve. It was a very tranquil place with tons of palms, fish, and birds. Then we headed down to the Salton Sea (the beach was MADE FROM fish carcasses), and checked out Slab City and Salvation Mountain.

After that, we met our friend Teddy nearby at Joshua Tree National Park, and explored for a few days. We saw a bunch of cute Joshy trees, but also big, shaggy and natural palms at a few oases! We climbed on the world-famous boulders of the park, hiked Mt Ryan peak, and wandered all over.

Hey, Josh!

After returning from Joshua Tree (and vegging some more), we then headed further west to the coast! We met Stefan just outside of LA, exploring the San Gabriel Mountains at Santa Anita Canyon. Then we headed into Koreatown to grab drinks before turning in for the evening.

Sturtevant Falls!

We drove down the coast that evening, sleeping pretty near to Laguna Beach (which was funny to me). The next day we met Teddy at Cabrillo National Monument, waded through the tide pools, then headed up to La Jolla to say hey to the seals and sea-lions!

Sleepy little beach tubes!!

Since then, we’ve been hanging out (it is during this period that [OMNISLASH]/blog/2017/03/09 was finished), but now we’re preparing to leave.

What’s next? North!

First, we’re going back to LA to check out the Hollywood sign and Stars, maybe do some more hiking in the San Gabriels. Then we’re headed for Sequoia National Park, to see the Sequoia Trees (I’m so pumped to meet General Sherman!!). We were worried that the snow would keep us out (the Sierra Nevada snow pack is the deepest it’s been in years), but all seems good by the end of this week, which is when we’re headed there! After that is King’s Canyon, Yosemite, Big Sur, and San Francisco to meet friends!

After that is northward, northward, northward! As far as Vancouver, if not further. Then we’ll be wriggling our way eastward. It’s been 6 months on the road, and we expect at least another 6 more on this return journey. Thanks for following along!

Oh, but there was more, huh?

So what I’m hoping from this blog, from now on, is that I will actually keep up with making posts by doing briefer, less detailed and picture-intensive posts. I’m also expecting to start posting about other things, too, hopefully.


Mileage: 14000

Weather: Sunny, clear, 97F

Currently listening to: entro - OMNISLASH (shameless plug)