Folk Heroes, Redux

16 Oct 2019 - vidya

After taking some time away from game development (and this website, and programming in general…) I decided it had been long enough!

So I began brainstorming: “what’s a project that would get me really excited about programming again?”

For me, there’s really one answer: games!

So, I looked back through the folder of in-progress game projects (it’s bigger than the two games I’m actually willing to share on this site!) and decided to revive my last project: “Folk Heroes!”

I knew I wanted to do some things differently, including the focus of the game’s mechanics and story. I wanted to draw inspiration from games like Stardew Valley to create a farming simulator-type game, but I want Folk Heroes to be different in its challenge and combative edge.

I started off by redesigning how I wanted to approach graphics. In my first instance of the project, I found a diffuse sprite shader online and just slapped it in. Instead, this time I focused on creating my own sprite shader that could utilize both diffuse shading and outlines! I had never really dabbled in shader code before, but it was fun and I love the result!