Folk Heroes - Tweaks & Fun

10 Nov 2019 - vidya

Very excited about the progress made thusfar, I’ve been really obsessing over Folk Heroes lately. Not that that’s bad!

This weekend I took it a little easier, mostly cleaning up some architectural messiness and restructuring some stuff so it doesn’t haunt me later. Programming is like gardening, weeds can be tolerated for a short time, but must be pruned before its too late!

A bit more exciting than refactoring are some tweaks I’ve done to the combat system. Previously, a mouseclick was… just that. A single event in the InputHandler that would result in Item Effects popping off. That’s not very exciting. A lot of action-RPG-type games have great features like power attacks and combos–I wanted to get in on that fun! So I altered my Item system to sometimes account for holding vs tapping. For example…

The slow rockets are from a mouse tap, while the speedy rockets are from holding down the fire button!

It was fun to animate the little red-glow and squash effect, and I’m really happy with how this new implementation is functioning within the existing systems.

I also changed the old punch combo’s 3rd hook to be optional: if the player is holding the mouse (either in general, or specifically for the 3rd punch) they will do a higher-damage right hook attack. If they are tapping the mouse, the 3rd punch will instead be a quick left jab. I’m experimenting with different means of slowing the character during attacks and wind-ups, to give the combat a bit more weight than it currently has. Exciting times!

Still working on the sprite masking but, that may be polish of the very final stages!

Finally, I am experimenting with all the different ways this can affect gameplay! From the rocket’s increased speed to the punch’s increased damage, there are a plethora of other possibilites such as: additional Effects, alteration of existing Effects, alternate animations/effects–endless possibilities!

Smashing rocks is now not as easy as a mouseclick... now... you have to hold it.