Folk Heroes

The Folk of Shadow's Glen

  • Lotik


    Self-appointed mayor of Shadow's Glen, aging carpenter, and retired Folk Hero himself! Lotik is an industrious, stubborn, yet kind-hearted humanfolk who cares deeply about the folk of Shadow's Glen. Not only does Lotik organize the town's festivals and external communications, he seeks to help each member of the community personally as much as he can. While his roles do keep him quite busy, on his off days he enjoys hiking Mount Shadow.

  • Vana


    A loving, caring bearfolk whose very home is the wilderness. While she may take up refuge in Shadow's Glen now, Vana wishes only to return to the freedom of the forests. While plants are her favorite, Vana loves all living things with an bounding excitement. She may have quite the temper, but she will do anything for those that have earned her trust. Her shop sells seeds, vegetables, fertilizers, and other cultivation tools! When she's not working, Vana can usually be found in the safe parts of the forest, or meditating by the town pond.

  • Sa Ki


    A mischievious merfolk merchant and famed fisherfolk, Sa Ki frequently travels the seas in search of the biggest and hardest catches. In spite of their fame on many distant shores, Sa Ki considers themself retired in Shadow's Glen due to the area's excellent native fishing. They set up a fishing shop with the proclaimed goal of training many master landfolk to become fisherfolk. In spite of this, their fishing shop is frequently closed as they pursue prizes near and abroad.

  • Sebi


    The eldest folk of Shadow's Glen, Sebi is also perhaps its kindest. Founder of the village's quarry and responsible for many of the repairs to the towns roads, he has operated the town's mineral shop for longer than anyone can remember. Unfortunately and in spite of his kind heart, the shop hasn't seen much business--nor product!--in a very long time. He cares less about making money than his prized mineral collection of old... stolen by looters, years ago.

  • Hun

    Defense Contractor

  • Dak & Oleg

    Brewer & Barkeep

  • Randall


  • Erasmus