Folk Heroes

Folk Heroes is an RTS/RPG game that I am developing in my spare time using the Unity Engine. Here you can find some information about the characters and their abilities, but in the future I will be posting more information such as development logs and goals.

  • melee damage


    the Lawhammer

    Once a simple traveling carpenter, Lawhammer earned great renown when he slew an evil Vampire lord and thereby freed a city of Dweffs from subjugation. Since then, Lawhammer's name has long been invoked by the poor, the weak, and the defenseless; when all hope is lost, tormentors of the innocent shall fear his cry...

    • Enraged Defender

      When nearby friendly Units or Heroes are struck, gain bonus _ damage and _ melee attack speed, per stack, for _ seconds.

    • Furious Swing

      Enhanced Melee Attack, deals bonus damage including _ execute damage and _ damage based on Lotik's missing health.

    • Thriving in Battle

      Gain _ lifesteal, _ health every _ seconds, and _ melee attack speed for _ seconds.

    • No Escape!

      Dash a short distance, stunning and sundering first foe struck.

      If no foe is struck, gain _ bonus movespeed for _ seconds.


      Leap a moderate distance, dealing massive damage upon landing.

      If an enemy Hero is struck, gain _ bonus damage for _ seconds.

  • melee speed


    the Spear of Ergoria

    When the forests of Ergor are threatened, the animals and plants will bond together in an effort to protect their way of life. Such a defense manifests as Amri, a plantoid warrior of formidable skill and resilience. Many a encroaching foe have learned the dangers of the wilds, and fled before Amri's might.

    • Ergorian Regeneration

      All melee attacks, Choking Strikes, and Vine Whips apply _% bonus lifesteal.

    • Choking Strike

      Next 3 melee attacks deal _ bonus damage.

      The 3rd attack creates a splashing vine that stuns foes.

    • In Defense of Nature

      Doubles the effects of Ergorian Regeneration and increases defense by _ for _ seconds.

    • Vine Whip

      Throws a vine, stunning first enemy struck.

      Pulls Amri to first enemy or wall struck.

    • Damned Growth

      Increases movespeed by _% and melee attack speed by _%.

      Increases bonus damage of Choking Strikes by _ and damage of Vine Whip by _. Lasts _ seconds.

  • melee resilience


    the Green Knight

    Among the wild-dwelling folk of the world abound tales of an invincible warrior. A mighty knight; encased in forest-forged armor, driven by an irrepressible will, and able to inspire even the smallest creature to great victory. This warrior is known as Vana, and the Green Knight's countless victories over the forces of evil have earned legendary praise...

    • Unrelenting Optimism

      After being struck by an enemy Unit, heal _ health over _ seconds.

      After being struck by an enemy Hero, heal _ health over _ seconds.

    • Ursine Swipe

      Enhanced Melee Attack, deals _ bonus damage.

      Sunders enemy defense by _% for _ seconds.

    • Deflect

      Enhances shield width and resistance.

      Shield reflects missiles. Lasts _ seconds.

    • Roaring Leap

      Leap a short distance, stunning and damaging foes on impact.

      For each enemy Hero struck, regen _ health over _ seconds.

    • Gentle Giant

      On use, heal all friendly Units and Heroes within _ feet.

      Gain bonus _ melee attack and _ defense for _ seconds.

  • hybrid damage

    Sa Ki

    the Eternal Huntress

    The Landsharks of Lamni have a feared reputation as the greatest warriors to roam the world. Countless armies and empires have fallen before their hordes, few survivors living to tell the tales. The mightiest warrior of the Landsharks, known simply as "the Eternal Huntress", often travels apart from the horde, seeking even greater renown than the hardened reputation of Lamni.

    • The Eternal Hunt

      Move faster towards enemies within _ feet, gaining speed based on their missing health.

    • Sharktooth Weaponry

      For the next _ seconds, the next _ melee attacks deal _ bonus execute damage.

      Additionally, the next _ ranged attacks apply a stacking sunder lasting _ seconds.

    • Bloodthirst

      Gain _% lifesteal and _ attack speed for _ seconds.

      Killing Units grants additional healing.

    • Landshark Takedown

      Leap a moderate distance, stunning the first enemy struck.

      Striking a Hero grants _ bonus attack damage for _ seconds.

    • Lamni Shot

      Charge a long range skillshot, dealing _ damage and nullifying enemy defense for _ seconds.

  • hybrid speed


    the Outcast

    The most mysterious of all Folk Heroes, the Outcast is known only for its distinctive red cloak. Throughout all of history, many of the most notable events in the rise and fall of civiliations have been marked by Goria's presence or inteference. Some folk question the being's allegiance - others, its existence.

    • Versatility

      Using a melee attack enhances the next ranged attack to apply a _% slow for _ seconds.

      Using a ranged attack or Willowbite enhances the next melee attack to an additional _% damage.

    • Willowbite

      Enhanced Ranged Attack, dealing bonus _% health damage.

      Striking an enemy Hero heals _% of the damage dealt.

    • Wispform

      Enter Goria's true form, becoming untargetable for _ seconds.

      Stamina regen is paused during the effect and cooldown of this ability.

    • Spirit Rush

      Dash a moderate distance, becoming untargetable for _ seconds.

      Gain _ movespeed for _ seconds.

    • Forbidden Power

      Send a wave outward in all directions, dealing strong damage.

      Heroes struck have their defenses sundered by _% for _ seconds.

  • hybrid resilience

    Dak & Oleg

    the Thuggish Twins

    In the underbellies of countless crowded cities surrounding the Central Sea, rumors abound of the most ruthless of crime bosses. Two cruel even for one mind, this twin-headed brute has solidified claim as underworld royalty. Some say every criminal in the world owes them allegiance, and some criminals openly scoff at the mention. But those that cross the Twins, always end up wishing they hadn't.

    • Split Personality

      Dak: Using a melee attack or Low Blow enhances the next Run'n'Gun or Coup de Grace. Stacks twice.

      Oleg: Using Coup de Grace enhances the next Low Blow or Bonded Brotherhood.

    • Low Blow

      Enhanced Melee Attack, stunning first enemy struck for _ seconds.

      Enhanced: Deals _ bonus damage, instead stun all enemies struck for _ seconds.

    • Bonded Brotherhood

      Increase defense by _% and regenerate _ health over _ seconds.

      Enhanced: Additional _ defense, instead immediately heal _ health, and regenerate _ health over _ seconds.

    • Run'n'Gun

      For the next _ seconds, increase ranged attack speed by _% and movespeed by _%.

      Enhanced: Increase duration by _ seconds.

    • Coup de Grace

      Charge a midrange skillshot, dealing _ execute damage.

      Enhanced: If an enemy Hero is slain, heal _ health. If an enemy Hero is struck, apply slow for _ seconds.

  • ranged damage


    the Hunter-Killer Robot

    In the Guncoast, there resides a nefarious inventor by the name of Skazbo Taggi. Skazbo's ill-intentioned studies of the world's leylines lead him to empirical knowledge of the Folk Heroes. Eager to prove himself the greatest inventor to ever live, he built his masterpiece, S-G6, to hunt and destroy the first Hero, Goria. After killing its creator, S-G6 sought out to complete its mission--regardless of what may be in its way.

    • Job Satisfaction

      For each enemy killed, gain _ bonus attack damage.

      Effect stacks _ times, lasting _ seconds.

    • Double Tap

      Enhanced Ranged Attack, firing an additional shot from each ranged weapon.

      These attacks deal bonus _% damage to enemy Units.

    • Nanobots

      Regenerates _ health over _ seconds.

      Regenerates _ fuel over _ seconds.

    • Jetpack

      Fly over the battlefield, becoming untargetable until toggled off or fuel depletes. Consumes _ fuel per second.

      Fuel: S-G6 starts with 100 fuel, regaining _ fuel every _ seconds. Hero kills grant _ fuel.

    • S-G Incinerator Ray

      Fire a timed combo attack, dealing increasing damage over _ shots.

  • ranged speed


    the Demolition Mole

    The world's many miners know the dangers that lurk far beneath the depths. Besides the pitfalls and collapses, evil things creep in the dark places of the earths. Yet many an underground explorer feels no fear in these wicked places, for they believe in the jubilant guidance of Sebi, the most legendary of the Mole Miners. Many a wicked creature has fallen prey to the cheery mole's traps.

    • Excitement!

      Gain _% movespeed and _% ranged attack speed for each enemy struck by Demo-Shot!, Slippery Saboteur!, or The Big 'Un!.

      Effect stacks _ times, lasting _ seconds.

    • Demo-Shot!

      Enhanced ranged attack, dealing _ bonus splash damage on strike.

    • Fire in the Hole!

      Burrow underground, becoming untargetable and gaining _ movespeed for _ seconds.

      Upon the end of this effect, burst upward, dealing _ damage.

    • Slippery Saboteur!

      Dash a medium distance, throwing a _-damage bomb in the opposite direction.

    • The Big 'Un!

      Drop a large, timed bomb that deals catastrophic damage.

      The bomb can be damaged, healed, or killed before detonation.

  • ranged resilience


    the Contract Killer

    Among the cities of the Guncoast, only two things rule: Gold, and Gunpowder. To master both is a skill, talent, and pursuit revered by all Gob without exception. While countless bounty-hunters inhabit the ports of the west, there is only one that instills fear in all creatures. To be marked by the Contract Killer means that life has reached its end.

    • Headhunter

      Gain _ gold for killing enemy Units, and _ gold for killing enemy Heroes.

      Reduce enemy Hero damage by _%.

    • Fanshot

      Enhanced Ranged Attack, firing _ shots in a cone (max _ total projectiles).

    • Shake it Off!

      Break all active stuns and slows.

      Regenerate _ health over _ seconds.

    • Battle Slide

      Dash a short distance, damaging and stunning first enemy struck.

      If no enemy is struck, automatically reload.

    • Guncoast Special

      Enhanced Ranged Attack, dealing massive bonus damage.

      Consumes an entire magazine of ammunition, and weapon must be fully loaded.