Tyler Brandt is a self-taught programmer, musician and designer from Massachusetts with over 10 years experience creating and developing, as well as exploring the many realms of digital content.

  • Folk Heroes

    Indie Game
    • Folk Heroes is a game I'm independently developing in the Unity Engine.

    • Currently all code, assets, and writing are my own.

    • With it, I hope to capture some of the basebuilding fun of classic games like Stronghold or Age of Empires, while blending it with a bullet-hell RPG.

    • Largely a learning project, I hope to have a playable demo sometime in 2019.

    • Check out the GitHub repository for updates and source code.

  • SteamHeart

    Indie Game
    • SteamHeart is another independent game project of mine, also developed in the Unity Engine.

    • It was aimed at recreating some of the classic Tactics RPGs of yore (Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, etc) and, hopefully, bringing it into the modern era with procedurally generated maps, expansive class tree, and more.

    • WARNING: the demo is extremely buggy

    • Development is currently halted, while I work on Folk Heroes (and a dozen other things).

    • GitHub repository here.

  • Seizer Beats

    Beps n boops
    • Check out my SoundCloud & Bandcamp!

    • I may end up hosting some tunes exclusively on this site, we'll see...

  • This website

    No, seriously!

      It’s not easy developing something like this from the ground up! But it is pretty fun…

  • Web Development

    4 years
  • Engineering

    10 years
    • C#, C++, Python are my longest-studied programming languages.

    • I have also dabbled in C, Java, and JavaScript.

    • Computer Science education from Providence College and UMass Amherst, graduated with a Minor in Information Technologies (and a Major in Political Science).

    • Self-taught the Unity Engine scripting library 'MonoBehaviour' and have since designed a number of games. More on that in the "Projects" tab.

  • Audio Production

    9 years
    • Experience with sampling, recording, editing, gain-staging, and mixing.

    • Self-taught experience as well as time spent interning at professional recording studios.

    • Also a music composer myself; I'm always creating new soundscapes, drum loops, melodies, and more.

  • Creative and Copy Writing

    9 years
    • I have consistently written (and read) in my spare time for over 15 years, in addition to a long career of liberal education.

    • As a teacher of English, I am a 'grammatacist' and lover of the language.

    • Stories, poems, and D&D campaigns are all common works. Expect to see more of those here.

  • Webmaster

    February 2018 - Current
    Jewish Historical Society of Western Massachusetts
    • Advised and educated JHSWM boardmembers about industry standards for web development.

    • Designed and developed static WordPress site in order to digital archive efforts.

    • Assisted in digital archiving, such as video editing, scanning, photo manipulation, and more.

  • Teacher of English Foreign Language

    Sep 2017 - Current
    • Developed lesson plans based on individual student's age, aptitude, and experience.

    • Instructed students in proper grammar, pronunciation, and acquisition of vocabulary.

    • Reviewed student progress with both employer and guardian.

  • Curious about the gap? Read about my partner and I's travels here.

  • Operations Manager

    Jan 2016 - Sep 2016
    • Developed and maintained websites using a proprietary framework of Adobe ColdFusion.

    • Maintained project status between sales, design, and media teams.

    • Received incoming customer inquiries, and resolved or delegated customer concerns.

    • Supervised social media, customer outreach, and street presence for three international tattoo shops, as well as local educational seminars and community events.

  • Office Supervisor

    Aug 2015 - Dec 2015
    DL Exports, LLC
    • Designed maintained a static website for an export compliance consultancy.

    • Received incoming customer inquiries and resolved their concerns, supervised customer outreach via weekly newsletters.

    • Managed personal and business expenses: balancing books, filing invoices, etc.

  • Sales Representative

    September 2012 - August 2015
    Amherst Books
    • Maintained inventory via a number of publishers and online distributors.

    • Instructed new employees in company expectations, best practices, and customer service.

    • Organized book displays and assisted customers in browsing and exploring vast inventory of new and used books.